Pre-Dental Sim Course

Sim Course Registration is now CLOSED!
Please check back for 2015 Sim Course dates.

Roseman University’s dental simulation course will give pre-dental students the unique hands-on opportunity to experience both the pre-clinical and clinical aspects of dental school. Our 2-day simulation course aims to teach students the importance in treating the patient as a whole. Students will not only learn and practice new skills in our simulation lab, but will also be introduced to treatment diagnosing and planning, patient charting, and radiograph evaluation.

In addition to experiencing our new state-of-the-art facility, pre-dental students will also participate in a Q&A panel with current Roseman dental students, as well as enjoy a dinner with the talented faculty and deans of our university. Students will also learn about various military dentistry and scholarship opportunities as well as how to become involved with the American Student Dental Association, ASDA, as a pre-dental member.

Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided for both days. Dinner will be provided Friday evening.

Following the simulation course, participants will have:

  • Been introduced to key concepts in dental anatomy

  • Completed a partial wax-up of a molar

  • Made alginate impressions

  • Poured and trimmed stone casts

  • Used a high-speed handpiece to:

    • Practice preparations on a learn-a-prep block

    • Prepare a class I and class V prep on ivorine teeth

  • Studied an actual patient case and learned essential aspects of:

    • Treatment planning

    • Radiographic interpretation

  • Participated in a Q&A with current Roseman CODM students

  • Learned about military dentistry and scholarship opportunities

  • Learned about the American Student Dental Association and ways to get involved as a pre-dental student

  • Received a certificate of completion for Roseman University CODM’s dental simulation course

Participants will also have the opportunity to:

  • Meet Dr. Frank Licari, Dean of the College of Dental Medicine of Roseman University

  • Meet the Associate Deans of Admissions, Academic and Clinical Affairs

Sim Course registration is now CLOSED.
Please check back for 2015 Sim Course dates.

Feel free to email us at with any questions you may have.

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